Issue #22
Crystal Clear
Home Winners Fiction Poetry Submit


Welcome to the fiction section of firstwriter.magazine issue 22, containing pieces of fiction by 10 different authors. Please click on the links below to view the pieces featured in this issue of the magazine.

The Cold Blue Eye
By Roger Smith
Diaries of a Mad Man
By Liam Bond
United Kingdom
When you smother a duck in your hair, go out and buy 50 more off the internet.
By Michelle Deist
United States
By Jess Ball
United Kingdom
By Rya Nikolaeva Hristova
The Drive
By Rick Westley
United States
Love in an Empty House
By Laura Higgins
United Kingdom
By Debra Cook
United States
In Line
By James Guin
United States
Sucking Toffees and French-Kissing
By bernice de lucchi
South Africa 2013