Issue #21
Home Winners Fiction Poetry Submit


Welcome to the fiction section of firstwriter.magazine issue 21, containing pieces of fiction by 11 different authors. Please click on the links below to view the pieces featured in this issue of the magazine.

The Monks of Lilleshall
By PJ Hodge
United Kingdom
Tell Us About Yourself
By Uyo Jummai Ani
Blank Screen
By Liz Jakimow
By Night, They Come
By Felicia Spahr
United States
Party Boy
By Austin Hall
United States
Why do you want this job?
By Matthew Baumann
United States
Meet Boris
By Eric H LeGrow
United States
Five Candles
By Zoe Ross
United Kingdom
Number Sixty Three.
By Laura Huntley
United Kingdom
Love In Vain
By Newman
Canada 2012