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Material Handled:
Handles: Nonfiction

Areas: Autobiography; Biography; Crime; Culture; Current Affairs; Health; Historical; Humour; Lifestyle; Military; Self-Help

Markets: Adult

Treatments: Mainstream; Popular
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 20% Translation: 20%
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries.
Professional affiliations:
Member of the Association of Authors' Agents (AAA).
The sources we consult provide neither positive or negative assessments of this agency.

Additional information

Send query with synopsis initially and sample chapter if available, by post or by email. No poetry, fiction, scripts, children's books, academic, or unsolicited MSS. See website for full guidelines.

Clients: Arthur Aldridge; Sarbjit Kaur Athwal; Richard Anthony Baker; Delia Balmer; Juliet Barnes; Amanda Barrie; John Baxter; William Beadle; Robert Beasley; Peta Bee; Paul Begg; John Bennett; Kevin Booth; Ralph Bulger; James Carnac; John Casson; Gary Chapman; Shirley Charters; John Clarke; Robert Clarke; Carol Clerk; Martyn Compton; Michelle Compton; Judy Cook; Les Cummings; Clive Driscoll; Rosie Dunn; Georgie Edwards; Russell Edwards; Kate Elysia; Stewart P. Evans; Penny Farmer; Martin Fido; Sarah Flower; Freddie Foreman; Helen Foster; Becci Fox; Astrid Franse; Stephen Fulcher; Alison Goldie; Charlotte Green; Christopher Green; Allan Grice; Christine Hamilton; Andrew Hansford; James Haspiel; Chris Hutchins; Rosalinda Hutton; Albert Jack; Naomi Jacobs; Muriel Jakubait; Nikola James; Sarah Jones; Christine Keeler; Anita Kelsey; Siobhan Kennedy-McGuinness; Heidi Kingstone; Professor Brian Kirby; Tim Kirby PhD; Ronnie Knight; John Knight; Reg Kray; Roberta Kray; Tony Lambrianou; Carol Ann Lee; John Lee; Angela Levin; Chris Lightbown; Seth Linder; David R. L. Litchfield; Mary Long; Tony Long; Jean MacColl; Gretel Mahoney; Maurice Mayne; Lenny McLean; Ann Ming MBE; Paddy Monaghan; James Moore; Michelle Morgan; Caroline Morris; Zana Morris; Rochelle Morton; Alan Moss; Bobbie Neate; Paul Nero; Kim Noble; Laurie O’Leary; Marnie Palmer; Theo Paphitas; Gordon Rayner; Mike Reid; Frances Reilly; Lyn Rigby; William D. Rubinstein; Mark Ryan; Sarah Schenker; Nathan Shapow; Alexander Sinclair; Keith Skinner; David Slattery-Christy; Len Smith; Rita Smith; Allan Starkie; Jayne Sterne; Cameron Stewart; Neil R. Storey; Claudia Strachan; Bob Taylor; Christopher Warwick; Monica Weller; Natalie Welsh; Wynne Weston-Davies; Karl Williams; Peter Wilton; Robert Winnett; Joanne Zorian-Lynn

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For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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