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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction

Areas: Autobiography; Biography; Cookery; Crime; Current Affairs; Fantasy; Gardening; Health; Historical; Humour; Science; Sci-Fi; Thrillers; Travel; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult; Youth

Treatments: Contemporary; Literary
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 20% Translation: 20%
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Professional affiliations:
Member of the Association of Authors' Agents (AAA).
This agency is reported on another website as being legitimate and having confirmed sales to royalty-paying publishers.

Additional information

Send query by email only, including synopsis and three chapters or approximately 50 pages. No submissions by post. No response unless interested. Handles all types of fiction and nonfiction, but no scripts or children's picture books.

Clients: Ian McGuire; Ben McPherson; Lucy Clarke; Andrea Gillies; Michael Frayn; Joanna Nadin; James McGee; Jenny Offill; S G MacLean; Emma Chapman; Helen Callaghan; The Estate of Julia Darling; Laura Barnett; M.D. Lachlan; Kate Morrison; Patricia Wastvedt; Maeve Haran; Laura McHugh; Andrew Taylor; Paula Gosling; Alex Hourston; C. J. Sansom; Gabrielle Kimm; Lottie Moggach; Maria Realf; Sarah Waters; Karen Russell; David Howard; Helen Craig; Sean O’Connor; Lucy Atkins; Jardine Libaire; Stella Grey; Benjamin Wood; Andrew Holmes; The Estate of Sarah Gainham; Anna Davis; David Kirk; Bridget and Joan; Jacqueline Ward; Jennie Walker; Caroline Bond; Poppy Adams; Beatrice Hitchman; Will Wiles; Eric Lindstrom; Sonya Kudei; The Estate of P.D. James; Mark Alder; Darcey Bell; Lydia Davis; Suzannah Dunn; Nick Fisher; Robert Lewis; L. R. Fredericks; Temi Oh; Lily Dunn; Sabine Durrant; Elizabeth Buchan; Clare Swatman; Anne Youngson; Reif Larsen; Sarai Walker; Joseph Knox; Steven Savile; Helen Giltrow; Charles Jennings & Paul Keers: Sediment; Anthony Anaxagorou; Max Kinnings; Mark Wernham; Rebecca Mackenzie; Jeremy Duns; Tom Campbell

Contact details

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