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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction

Areas: Adventure; Autobiography; Biography; Cookery; Crime; Culture; Fantasy; Health; How-to; Humour; Medicine; Music; Mystery; Psychology; Romance; Science; Sci-Fi; Self-Help; Spiritual; Sport; Suspense; Technology; Thrillers; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth

Treatments: Literary; Mainstream; Popular
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 25%
This agency does not charge fees, but may ask the author to cover some costs such as postage, photocopying, etc.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Professional affiliations:
Member of the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR).
This agency is reported on another website as being legitimate and having confirmed sales to royalty-paying publishers.
Another website recommends this agency and reports it has made sales to royalty-paying publishers.

Additional information

Send query by email or through submission form on website. No submissions by post. Include short synopsis, author bio, and first five pages, pasted into the body of your email. No attachments. Do not query more than one agent at the agency at a time. See website for individual agent interests and email addresses. No screenplays, or queries by phone or fax. See website for full submission guidelines.

Clients: Stephen Collins; Barbara De Angelis; John Diamond; Richard Paul Evans; Edie Hand; Martha W. Hickman; Edward Hotaling; Terry Kay; Carol McCleary; Barbara Metzger; Benjamin Patton; Robert Patton; Michael Romkey; Phyllis Schieber; Julie Stav; George Taber; Nick Tasler; Brenda Vantrease; Barbara Wood; Tara Altebrando; Lou Beach; Chris Carlton Brown; Dan Charnas; Lori Culwell; Rob Elder; Steve Gdula; Robert Gordon; Ashley Kahn; S.J. Kincaid; Greg Kot; Michael Krugman; Alex McAulay; Scott Mebus; Michelle Mercer; Bob Mould; Kurt Reighley; Ken Sharp; Jason Sheehan; Susan Whitall; Mary Atkinson; Marianna Baer; L.A. Banks; Carolee Dean; Christine Deriso; Darrin Doyle; Elizabeth Fama; John C. Ford; Megan Frazer; Edward Hardy; Jeff Hirsch; Veera Hiranandani; Elizabeth Holmes; Troy Howell; Holly Nicole Hoxter; Varian Johnson; Karen Kincy; Heidi R. Kling; Jacqueline Kolosov; Libby Koponen; Nina LaCour; Amy McNamara; Jonathan Maberry; Alexa Martin; Brian Meehl; Michael Northrop; Jason Ockert; Micah Perks; Randy Powell; Erik Raschke; Brian Sack; Susan Maupin Schmid; Karen Halvorsen Schreck; Lisa Schroeder; Kristen Tracy; Coert Voorhees; Dan Wells; Robison Wells; Allison Whittenberg; Brian Yansky; Elizabeth Zechel; Christopher Barish; B.A. Binns; Erin Celello; Eva Christina; Pat Croce; Josh Dasal; Scott Douglas; Sarah Beth Durst; Liza Gershman; Judi Guizado; R. Winston Guthrie; Paula Jolin; Marcelle Karp and Pauline Wall; Lena Katz; Rachel Keener; Diane Kress; Devin and Cameron Lazerine; Claire Lewis; Jennifer Lewis; Susan Sachs Lipman; Heather Maclean; Dee McCaffrey; Cici McNair; Carly Milne; Meaghan Mountford; Justine Musk; Eva Nagorski; Ross and Kathryn Petras; Micaela Preston; Paula Quinn; Cheryl Rainfield; Kent Sayre; Jeanne Segal; Shari Storm; Kyra Sundance; Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins; James F. Thompson; Jessica Warman; Heth and Jed Weinstein; Adrian Winter

Contact details

For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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_______ _'_ ___ _____ ______. __ ____ _ ____ __ _______, ___ ___ _______ __________.
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Paul, United Kingdom
Wed, Apr 29, 2015: 07:05 (GMT)
_________ __ ______ __________ ___ ___ _______, _ ___ __ _________ _-____ _______________ ___ ______-__ _____ ______ ___ ___ ____ _____. <__>_____ __________ ____ _ ___ _ ______ _________ _-____ ______ _____ ____, ____ ____ _____ ________ ___ _______ __ ____ ____ _______ __ _____.<__>___ __ ___ ___ _____ ___ ________ __ ___ _______ ____ _ ________, _______ ___ _________, ___ _ _______ ____ ___ ____, ___ __ ___ ____ __ __________ ___ _______ _______ __ _-____.
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Penelope, United Kingdom
Wed, Jan 04, 2012: 20:18 (GMT)
_____, ____ _____ _________ __ ____ ____ __ _____: "_____ ___ ___ ________ __ __, ___ _ __ ___ _ ____ ___ ___ ____. ___ __ ____, ____" ___ __ ______ ____ ___ ____ _______ _____________ __ _____ _____...
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Paul, United Kingdom
Tue, Oct 25, 2011: 07:06 (GMT)

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