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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction

Areas: Adventure; Fantasy; Mystery; Religious; Romance; Sci-Fi; Suspense; Thrillers

Markets: Adult; Children's; Youth

Treatments: Commercial; Literary
Domestic: 15%%
This agency receives no money from authors whatsoever.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries. Queries by email are accepted.

Additional information

Our mission is to help authors become traditionally published. We represent commercial fiction that is well-crafted. We work closely with authors to ensure their book is in the best presentable form. Our publishing connections come from numerous conferences, luck, and genuine care. We do not charge reading fees as we adhere to the Association of Author Representatives' Canon of Ethics.

Clients: Karen Lynch, Ednah Walters, Chris Pearson, Miranda Nichols, Paul McGowan, Madeline Stout, Alvina Leders, Michele McAvoy, Greg Gildersleeve, Kim Hamilton, Jenni DeWitt, Karen Neary, P.J. O'Dwyer, and Missy Burke.

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