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Material Handled:
Handles: Fiction; Nonfiction

Markets: Adult
Domestic: 15% Overseas: 20% Translation: 20% Dramatic: 15%
This agency does not charge a reading fee.
Submissions policy:
This agency does not accept unsolicited MSS, but will consider queries. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Professional affiliations:
Member of the Association of Authors' Agents (AAA).
This agency is reported on another website as being legitimate and having confirmed sales to royalty-paying publishers.
Another website recommends this agency and reports it has made sales to royalty-paying publishers.

Additional information

Send query by email, with short synopsis, and first 30 pages as a Word document. See website for list of agents and their interests and indicate in the subject line which agent you would like to query. No illustrated children's books, or poetry. No submissions or queries by post.

Clients: Catherine Aird; Prayaag Akbar; Kitty Aldridge; Caroline Alexander; Clare Allan; Al Alvarez; Paul Arden – Estate; John Armstrong; Anuk Arudpragasam (UK only); Amitabha Bagchi; Aniruddha Bahal; Roderick Bailey; Luke Bainbridge; Jo Baker; Philip Ball; Pat Barker; Susan Barker; Andrew Barrow; Jahnavi Barua; Susannah Bates; Rosalind Belben; Catherine Bennett; Ella Berthoud; John Betjeman – Estate; Rahul Bhattacharya; Fanny Blake; Louise Booth; Martin Booth – Estate; Richard Bosworth; James Bowen; Sarah Bradford; Lloyd Bradley; Paul Brannigan; Matthew Brown; Tom Bryant; Tom Bullough; Gordon Burn – Estate; Sarah Butler; Keith Cameron; James Campbell; Andreas Campomar; Can; Max Cavalera; David Cavanagh; Lisa Chaney; Nora Chassler; Jung Chang; Manini Chatterjee; Bruce Chatwin – Estate; Kate Chisholm; Siddharth Chowdhury; Clare Clark; Zoe Clark; Catrine Clay; Emily Cockayne; Deborah Cohen; Robert Cole; David Collard; Matthew Collin; Lizzie Collingham; Mick Conefrey; William Cook; Sophie Cooke; John Cornwell; Fiona Coward; John Crace; Simon Day; Claire Dederer (UK only); Sam Delaney; Martina Devlin; Divrina Dhingra; Sadanand Dhume; Rahul Dravid; Charles Drazin; Piers Dudgeon; Sarah Dunant; David Edgerton; Susan Elderkin; Seb Emina; Pamela Erens (UK only); Ahmed Errachidi; Diana Evans; Jack Fairweather; Duncan Fallowell; Roopa Farooki; Pen Farthing; Sebastian Faulks; Shehryar Fazli; Jan Fennell; Maggie Fergusson; Patrick Leigh Fermor – Estate; Andrew Fidel Fernando; Helen Fielding; Joe Finder (UK only); John Follain; Sarah Foot; John Fowles – Estate; Mark Frankland – Estate; Alex Frater; Ray French; Donald Fry; Sarah Gabriel; Paul Gallico – Estate; Jeremy Gavron; David Gilmour; Ian Gilmour; Stephen Glover; Paul Golding; Allegra Goodman (UK only on behalf of Irene Skolnick); Helen Gordon; Chris Grace; Phyllis Grant; Germaine Greer; Julia Gregson; Loyd Grossman; Steve Hackett; Mark Haddon; Jon Halliday; Vicky Halls; Ian Hamilton – Estate; Mohammed Hanif; Jane Hardstaff; Chips Hardy; Harriet Harman; Colin Harper; Tim Harris; Dave Haslam; Paul Hawkins; Ed Hawkins; Daisy Hay; Justin Haythe; James Hayward; Cecil Helman; Carola Hicks – Estate; T. J. Higgs; Isabel Hilton; Philip Hoare; Holger Hoock; Peter Hook; Catherine Horwood; Susan Howatch; Tom Hoyle; Glenn Hughes; Helen Humphreys; Laird Hunt (UK only); Seb Hunter; Armando Iannucci; Virginia Ironside; Oliver James; Reina James; Sabyn Javeri; Tim Jeal; Diarmuid Jeffreys; Garry Jenkins; Liz Jensen; Raj Kamal Jha; Mai Jia; Alan Johnson; Dom Joly; Martin Jones; Raj Kamal Jha; Manju Kapur; Zarghuna Kargar; Aruni Kashyap; John Keegan; Lucy Kellaway; Matthew Kelly; Richard T Kelly; David Kennard; Ledley King; Lynn Knight; James Knowlson; Annette Kobak; Amitava Kumar; Richard Kunzmann; Anna Kythreotis; Sarah Langan; Lee Langley; Mary Laven; John Lawton; J.M. Ledgard; Harper Lee – Estate (UK only); Jonathan Lee; Sarah Leipciger; Elen Lewis; Jeremy Lewis; Paula Lichtarowicz; Olivia Lichtenstein; Samuel Lock; London Review of Breakfast; Sarah Long; Tim Lott; Mark Lowery; Candida Lycett Green – Estate; Lisa Lynch – Estate; Amanda Mackenzie Stuart; Judith Mackrell; Ali Mahmood; Emma Mahony; Rachel Malik; Philip Marsden; Ngaio Marsh – Estate; Philip Marsden; Paul Martin; Paul Mason; Hugh Massingbird; Sarah May; Debbie McCune; Bernie McGill; Molly Mcgrann; Holly McQueen; Tessa McWatt; Vinod Mehta; Arathi Menon; Emran Mian; Paul Micou; Penelope Middelboe; Hugh Miles; Shandana Minhas; Anthony Mockler; Mac Montandon; Charles Moore; Lucy Moore; Caroline Moorehead; Douglas Murray; Jeremy Musson; Thant Myint-U; Shiva Naipaul – Estate; Kavery Nambisan; NDTV; Barbara Neil; Dame Rabbi Julia Neuberger; Robert Newman; James Nice; William Nicholson; Alexander Norman; Mary Norton – Estate; Jason Novak; Ronan O’Brien; Robert O’Byrne; Oriel Offit; Zac O’Yeah; Julianne Pachico; Kathy Page; James Palmer; Mary Paulson-Ellis; Susan Pedersen; Srinath Perur; Chris Petit; Daniel Pick; Keiron Pim; Ian Plenderleith; Jennifer Pooley; Peter Popham; Max Porter; David Profumo; Deidre Purcell; Jonathan Raban; Vaibhav Raghunandan; Anna Ralph; Danny Rampling; Mukunda Rao; Charlotte Raven; Balaji Ravichandran; Slavomir Rawicz – Estate; Piers Paul Read; Paul Rees; P.Z. Reizin; Louise Rennison – Estate; Helen Richardson; Michèle Roberts; Simon Robson; Kevin Rodgers; Jennie Rooney; Lyndal Roper; Andrew Rosenheim; Josephine Ross; Gabriel Roth; Virginia Rounding; Dorothy Rowe; Katie Roy; Mike Rutherford; Malise Ruthven; Tom Ryan; Shaun Ryder; Clara Salaman; J. D. Salinger – Estate; Mark Salter; Fahad Samar; Annie Sanders; Martha Schabas; Max Schaefer; Irmin Schmidt; Benjamin Scott; James Scudamore; Allan Sealy; Anne Sebba; Elisa Segrave; Maria Semple (UK only); Susan Senstad; Brian Sewell – Estate; Amrita Shah; Nicholas Shakespeare; Vivek Shanbhag; Fiona Shaw; J. M. Shaw; Ben Shephard; Stav Sherez; Joseph B. Sills; Ted Simon; W. J. Simpson; Parismita Singh; Samia Singh; Tavleen Singh; Yuvraj Singh; Emma Sky; Gillian Slovo; Rob Magnuson Smith; Janet Soskice; Charles Spencer; Lu Spinney; Francis Spufford; Fiona Stafford; Nicholas Stargardt; Jonathan Steele; Jonathan Steinberg; Helen Stevenson; Rory Stewart; Francine Stock; Andrea Stuart; Joe Studwell; Samanth Subramanian; Judith Summers; Bernhard Tabaire; F.R. Tallis; Bilal Tanweer; Sankarshan Thakur; Graeme Thomson; Colin Thubron; Merritt Tierce (UK only); Charles Townshend; Amrita Tripathi; Stephen Trombley; David Trueba; Harriet Tuckey; Robert Twigger; Sharda Ugra; Siddhartha Vaidyanathan; Elise Valmorbida; Elizabeth Jane Varley; Shefalee Vasudev; Vaibhav Vats; Hugo Vickers; Amanda Vickery; Penny Vincenzi; Willy Vlautin; Laura Waddington; Karen Healey Wallace; Wyndham Wallace; Alexander Watson; Molly Watson; Tom Watson and Martin Hickman; Sophia Waugh; Thomas Weber; Samantha Weinberg; Gully Wells; Spencer Wells; Kate Westbrook; Andrew Wheatcroft; Sara Wheeler; Kevin Wignall; Tony Wild; Craig Wilkinson; Paul Willetts; John L. Williams; Richard Williams; A. N. Wilson; Andrew Wilson; Katherine Wilson (UK only); Robert Wilson; Robert McLiam Wilson; Ian Winwood; James Woodall; Angela Woolfe; Benjamin Woolley; Pippa Wright; Matthew Yorke; Gavin Young – Estate; Moira Young; Adam Zamoyski

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User feedback

View all 8 comments for this agency

Their own website says that although there are to be no unsolicited submissions, queries should be sent with synopsis, return postage and 30 pages. This is did. I received a reply stating that they were no longer taking unsolicited submissions! Suggest they learn how to read. It seems they are not even taking queries. I wouldn't bother if I were you.
Brian, United Kingdom
Thur, Feb 25, 2010: 23:24 (GMT)
I sent an initial e.mail setting out what I had done and asking if they were interested and I received an odd reply to the effect that they were not interested in published authors or anyone unsolicited!.It seems to me therefore its a complete waste of time approaching this Agency who do not want to know published authors and who seem to feel you should be introduced to them by someone else! Who? Another Agent?
Brian, United Kingdom
Thur, Dec 10, 2009: 10:24 (GMT)
Received a polite, standard form rejection in just under eight weeks which is probably quite good time span. Am new to all this so I don`t know!

They did not, however, return my lovely folder which protected my MS and did not come cheap! We live and learn (grin). Postage and admin costs all round are endearing me very much to agents accepting email submissions.
Plumtree, United Kingdom
Sat, Jul 18, 2009: 01:10 (GMT)

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